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B.Sc Maths



About the Department

Department of mathematics was established in the year 2015-16 with the introduction of the undergraduate course in mathematics. The aim is to offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring young women scholars and to ensure special talents in various domains of mathematics. Frequent guest lectures, seminars, are arranged to the student. Exam oriented skills provided to students in Aptitude papers.

Scope for Further Studies
After completion of B.Sc.,Mathematics the students can able to follow the higher studies M.Sc., MCA., B.Ed.,

Job Opportunities

  • TNPSC, Bank , BPO/KPO, Teacher.


  • Empowerment of women through education
  • To upgrade performance standards in the field of mathematics in order to be a leading department in academic arena.
  • To provide excellence in education for all students. We will assess and design course and learning experiences that promote the academic achievement and the personal and social growth of students.
  • Mission

  • To promote quality education to women at all levels.
  • To provide students experience in mathematics that will empower them to succeed inanever changing society.
  • To empower young women to face the challenge of life with courage and commitment.
  • To equip them with enhanced employable skills.
  • To inculcate the students to attend aptitude exams