• Courses: B.A.English., M.A. English, B.Sc.Maths., B.Sc.Physics., B.Com., M.Com., B.Com.CA., B.Sc.Computer Sience, B.Sc.Chemistry, B.A Tamil, B.Sc Botany
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B.Sc Chemistry



About Chemistry Department

The department of Chemistry was established in the year 2016, with 19 students chemistry UG program comprises a broad range of subjects.It is convenient to divide the chemistry subjects into organic chemistry,Inorganicchemistry,Analyticalchemistry,IndustrialChemistry,Polymer Chemistry and Spectroscopy.Chemistry is the foremost of all biological sciences that focussed in Drug Designing Environmental monitoring,Forensic Science and Plant Science.

Lab Facility

  • Inorganic & Organic Lab
  • Balance Room
  • Store Room
  • Fuming cupboard

Job Opportunities

  •       Chemists & People working in pollution control and quality control board,drugdesigning,e-journalist and so on.

    • Analytical Chemistry
    • Chemical Chemistry
    • Health Care Science
    • Clinical Biochemist
    • Pharmacologist
    • Forensic Scientist
    • Taxicologist
    • Research Scientist
    • B.Ed.,
    • Secondary School teacher
    • Assistant Professor

  • Scope for Further Studies

    • Analytical Chemistry
    • Inorganic Chemistry
    • Physical Chemistry
    • Material Chemistry
    • Nuclear Chemistry
    • M.Sc., Chemistry
    • M.Sc., Drug Chemistry
    • M.Sc., Industrial Chemistry
    • M.Sc., Bio Chemistry
    • M.Sc., Textile Chemistry
    • M.Sc., Applied Chemistry
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (PGDAC)
    • M.B.A


  • To produce competent Chemist,Researcher and Scientist through Quality Education.
  • Mission

  • The mission statement of the chemistry department is to train UG Students by providing basic knowledge,good laboratory practices and research training through teaching,practicals and student project.