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B.A Tamil



The department of Tamil is supported by a team of well-qualified faculty members, specializing in diverse areas of Tamil. Tamil is a Dravidian language predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka and many others. Tamil language plays a vital role in the modern world, which helps people communicate in proper channel. The Department is committed to provide quality education, by imparting in depth- subject knowledge. To enhance, reading and writing skill, which will help in accomplishing the knowledge of creativity, encourage new ideas of students.


  • To impart the necessity of Tamil language which is one of the world’s first and classical language by way of eliminating the understanding difficulties of the Tamil language among the students and instil the values of justice, fairness, equality, liberty and self-development through social consciousness, linguistic skills, intellectual competence and critical analytical skills to the students.
  • Mission

  • To inculcate and bring awareness among students the importance of Tamil language and its need.
  • To improve reading, writing skills of the rich language through educating right pronunciation and spelling.
  • To develop the comprehension skills of the students through literature and grammar.
  • To make the students to understand the values of realities of life, culture and civilization through Tamil literature.