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B.Sc Botany



About Botany Department

The department of Botany is established in the academic year of 2019-2020 with an extremely efficient laboratory facility. This life science department directly exposes the life of the plants which actually possess a very important root in maintaining the equilibrium of the universe.

Lab Facility

  • Central Instrumental Facility (CIF)
  • Microscopy facility
  • Growth facility

Scope for Further Studies

After successful completion of B.Sc. Botany the student may opt for following higher studies such as M.Sc. Botany.


  • To explore not to exploit the plant world this helps to maintain the biological diversity.
  • Mission

  • To provide a student centred and profession oriented higher education that bestows the life of the students.
  • The department also focuses on the environmental and creative intellectual teaching which creates a positive impact on the relationship of a teacher and a student as well it creates huge awareness among the students about the environment.
  • To create a beautiful learning experience this creates a dynamic world.